Ryne tech demo

Ryne tech demo

The ryne tech demo is live! Download the alpha here.


The rest of this post is a quick guide for using the Ryne alpha to voxelize and render your own meshes. Once you have downloaded and unzipped the Ryne alpha, you will find a Content folder inside.

In the Content folder you will find several other folders you can place assets:

  • Backgrounds: any HDRI file placed here can be used as a background in the editor. You can find amazing HDRIs on HDRI Haven completely for free!
  • Models: Most triangle mesh formats are supported in Ryne due to the amazing Assimp model importer. Drop any triangle meshes you want to render or voxelize in here and they will show up in Ryne.
  • Textures: textures from any model you use will automatically be copied in here as well, but you can also add your own textures here to use them in the node editor.

Voxelizing a model

In Ryne select File->Voxelize Model. You can now specify the depth of the voxel structure. Note that this number indicates the amount of internal levels, creating paths to the actual voxel data. For example the default setting of 9 will create 9 internal levels and one final level of voxel data. In total this will add up to 2^10 voxels per axis, or 1073741824 voxels. Note that that maximum I have ever voxelized a model to is 15 levels deep, and these models are too large to fit in memory with all their attributes. Be careful what you pick here! Optionally you can keep the triangle data instead of generating attributes per voxel. This allows texture mapping support.

Adding static meshes to the scene

In Ryne select Add->Entity->Static Mesh. Click on the newly added Static Mesh in the Scene Overview. On the right hand side you can see the entity properties. In the Mesh Component section you can now either load a model from a triangle mesh directly or load a voxel mesh.

Changing the background

Setting a background from File->Background will allow you to select a HDRI in the Content/Backgrounds folder.

Ryne crashed

As with all alphas it can happen that Ryne crashes. If this does happen and you’re unsure why, send me the log.txt created next to the executable and let me know what happened. I will usually be on Discord under the name Spectrallic.